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Optimize Your Health Today

You are not alone in this journey- 

Together we use Functional Medicine testing and personalized support to improve your energy, balance hormones, heal your gut, end headaches, boost immunity and reclaim your vitality. 

Heal Your


Balance Your Hormones

End Headaches & Migraines

Reduce Stress & Boost Energy

Detoxify & Reset Your Immune System

Meet Dr. Meg

I see people all over the world helping them to bring their bodies back into balance through Functional Medicine.  We find the root cause of your health problems and tailor functional medicine just for YOU.

I have a passion for natural healing and getting you RESULTS.    

What makes me different than other practitioners is that I am all in with you.  I give you personalized support and 24/7 access to me so that you can see the transformation in your life you desire.  I am not focused on just treating your symptoms but want to find the cause of your problems. While functional testing gives us amazing insight as to what is going on in your body, it is also not the whole picture.  I use a mind-body approach to treat the whole person for optimal healing.  

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How to Work With Dr. Meg

You will get personalized functional medicine concierge services​ from the comfort of your own home(in-office appointments are also available if preferred).  No long waits or waiting rooms.  You are heard, and services are personalized and tailored to your specific needs.  

1:1 Virtual Health Consulting

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Head Strong: Happiness Beyond Headaches- 

 Feb 19 2023


An 8-week LIVE online program to end headaches & migraines, restore mental clarity and reclaim energy without drugs or injections so that the Real YOU can shine through.

  • The Absolute Best Way To End Headaches And Migraines 

    Say goodbye to your headaches without drugs, injections or overwhelming protocols.  PRICELESS

  • Comprehensive Hormone Test

    Get your hormones back in balance with the most comprehensive hormone test on the market. The test will check your adrenal hormones, stress hormones, their metabolites and vital nutrients for hormone metabolism.  

  • An Accurate Food Sensitivity Test

    After all my years of experience, this is the only food sensitivity test I trust!   

  • 10 Power Packed Educational Modules

    These sessions are everything you will need for pain-free living, increased energy and restored mental clarity. 

  • 10 Workbooks To With Clear Guidance On How To Implement The Modules

    You will get a roadmap with everything laid out for you with clear, simple action steps.

  • 7 Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

    I am with you every step of the way. Plus, all calls will be recorded for you to refer back to if you can't attend live or hit a speed bump later.  

  • A Private Caring Community With Direct Access To Me

    Studies show that social support improves patient outcome, especially when lifestyle change is involved.  You can lean on this supportive community to lift you up. 

  • Lifetime Access to your Member Portal

    If you get off track in the future, don't worry, I have you covered.  You will have lifetime access to the information in this course which will give you all the content you need to say goodbye to headaches forever!  

  • Bonuses with MORE than the investment in YOURSELF

    You will get recipes, amazing supplement discounts and some surprises I am so excited to share!  

Head Strong Results:

I joined Dr. Meg’s Head Strong program because I was feeling frustrated with my chronic migraine history. I did not want to keep taking prescription drugs to manage my health.


Dr. Meg’s program was very easy to follow. Each week a new topic for headache/migraine management was presented for review. Then we had the opportunity to connect live with Dr. Meg and other program participants to discuss each topic. This part of the program was one of my favorite features as it allowed for face-to-face clarification of the week’s materials and it allowed for everyone to hear each other’s stories and experiences.


A big contributor to why I chose Head Strong was the testing portion of the program which was very eye-opening for me. To this day, I still follow Dr. Meg’s recommendation based on my own personal results. She made understanding the results very easy and then provided many ways to maintain the new lifestyle, such as tasty recipes and water tracking guides.


Whenever I had a question, whether it was about supplements, topic clarification, or just checking in, Dr. Meg answered back so fast. She’s very supportive of each person’s individual plan. She helped me get to my goal of getting off of some prescription medications for my migraines. I am beyond grateful for that. To this day, I follow the supplement guidelines.



My daily headaches have decreased significantly after following the Head Strong program guidelines. This course was the beginning of a new lifestyle for me. Dr. Meg opened my eyes to a whole new mindset and I am focused more than ever on my whole health and well-being.

-Christina King

"Real People Real Results"

"Dr. Meg Mill has helped me so much! Everyone can benefit from Dr. Meg Mill’s knowledge about body chemistry and Functional Medicine. I’m lucky to have found her and be one of her patients. She has helped me more than any other doctor I’ve seen about my health concerns. I appreciate that she spends time with me at each appointment. I never feel rushed, but I am heard and taken seriously. I’ve read several books and articles on Functional Medicine and her approach is consistent with what I’ve read, but is tailored to me and my body chemistry. I find a lot of peace in that.  Taking the Functional Medicine route is the best decision and investment I’ve ever made."
-Nicole B

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