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What People Are Saying...

"I used to suffer from chronic migraines for years and in the past few years, they had become unbearable and were affecting my daily life. I had reached out to Dr. Meg Mill hoping to get some relief. By working with Dr. Meg, I have been able to find relief through natural supplements and have been able to stop taking prescription medication for migraines. Dr. Meg has also been able to educate me on certain foods and environmental factors that could trigger migraines. I am so grateful for her help and knowledge that I am able to live my life without fear of when I will have my next migraine."

-Heather S

" I used to suffer from headaches on a weekly basis. Sometimes they would last for days at a time. I always assumed it was neck and muscle-related, however; it seemed like nothing I tried would prevent them from happening. Since working with Dr. Meg I can now honestly say that I am no longer suffering from the constant headaches as I had been before. I’ve had a huge improvement and couldn’t be happier with it!"
-Danielle C

As I approached my early 50s, my exercise performance, sleeping, eating, and quality of life suffered greatly. After numerous doctors and appointments with little to no help, I decided I needed to look for answers. After researching, I discovered functional medicine and Meg Mill. Functional medicine, in my opinion, is the missing link in our health care. My journey with Meg has led me to feel as healthy as I felt in my early 30s. When I compare my first appointment 11 months ago to where I am now, I am astounded by the difference in my energy and health. Meg has changed my life.

-Sherry S

"I reached out to Dr. Meg because I refused to accept the “you’re too young, there’s nothing we can do now, you just have to wait until things get worse before we can take serious action” guidance from medical doctors.  At the time I had already cleaned up my diet; but I knew that I could do more to optimize my health for longevity and better athletic performance.  Dr. Meg took time to listen to my concerns rather than hurry me out the door and move on to the next patient.  Together we created a plan to dial in my nutrition that enabled me to recognize food sensitivities that I didn’t know I had.  The inflammation I was experiencing has improved, I started sleeping better, and post-workout recovery time has decreased.  I am thankful I took control of my health and started working with Dr. Mill; with her help I feel amazing and know I’ll only continue getting better."

-Machel D

"I reached out to Dr. Mill when my young daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. My daughter was also diagnosed with severe allergies at a very young age. Up to this point we've used the conventional medicine approach. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Mill can coordinate a holistic approach along with conventional medicine. Our goal is to one day use a complete holistic approach for autoimmunity.We are so thankful for the professional and honest guidance of Dr. Meg Mill as we navigate through this autoimmune diagnosis. Dr. Mill listens to her clients and offers sound advice. She takes great pride in her business of helping clients on their journey to better health through natural healing. Our family will forever be grateful for everything Dr. Mill has done."

-Marbeth T

"I have been working with Dr Meg for a few months now. I feel 100% better!! I feel more alert and actually have energy to do things after work. I no longer come home and sit on the couch. I  am so very thankful that I made the decision to give Dr Meg a call. Definitely making the necessary adjustments to my health naturally and being guided every step of the way by Dr Meg! I encourage you to give her a call!"
-Tina R

"I have been working with Dr Meg virtually to help resolve the headaches/migraines that I had suffered from for years. Dr Meg is a fantastic health detective; she asks thoughtful questions to find the root cause of problems. She focuses on eliminating the cause, not just treating the symptom. Dr. Meg educates me along the way, explaining the “why” behind each step. Also, I love her focus on nutrients first vs antibiotics. I am thrilled to report my headaches/migraines have significantly reduced….and quite possibly gone away completely. I not only feel better but also have a better understanding of my health to see signs more clearly from my body when it needs attention.
-Christine O

"Meg has been wonderful to work with this past year!  I was a nurse for 10 years before leaving the health field because I didn't feel that I or our providers were able to dedicate enough quality time to our patients and their needs.  Meg gives you that time.  She sits and listens and truly hears your concerns.  She looks at the root cause of an issue instead of trying to cover it up.   She works with you one on one and will customize everything to your specific needs.  Meg takes the whole picture of your health into consideration.  We are absolutely blessed to have her knowledge and practice in our town."
-Kaiti J

"I'm grateful for Dr. Meg Mill. She is very passionate, knowledgeable, EXCELLENT listener, and an awesome healer. When I started working with her, I was suffering from Chronic daily migraines. Few months later after changing my diet , giving me the right supplements, and ordering the tests- I'm migraine free! I was having daily migraine attacks to zero migraines. Thank you so much. You are an amazing soul!"
-Caroline H

"Dr. Meg Mill has helped me so much! Everyone can benefit from Dr. Meg Mill’s knowledge about body chemistry and Functional Medicine. I’m lucky to have found her and be one of her patients. She has helped me more than any other doctor I’ve seen about my health concerns. I appreciate that she spends time with me at each appointment. I never feel rushed, but I am heard and taken seriously. I’ve read several books and articles on Functional Medicine and her approach is consistent with what I’ve read, but is tailored to me and my body chemistry. I find a lot of peace in that.  Taking the Functional Medicine route is the best decision and investment I’ve ever made."
-Nicole B

"Thank you for helping me to feel the best I have in years! Through extensive testing and your analysis of those results we were able to create a plan to make me feel great. I am sleeping again and wake up energized and ready to take on the day. You have taught me ways to handle stress that comes my way and I thank you for that.  I look forward to continuing to work with you to make sure I stay on the right path of healthy natural living!"
-Kristain K

"For years, I suffered with weekly or even daily headaches. I was practically living on over-the-counter pain relievers. Dr. Mill was exceptionally thorough in not only relieving my headaches, but also finding the source of my ongoing problems. Her recommended supplements and diet changes have eliminated my constant headaches, and have also improved my overall quality of life."
-Lauren P

 Upon our first phone call, I felt confident that Dr. Meg could help me figure out what was going on with my body and help me comfortably enter this new stage of life in my changing body.  She assured me what I was going through was natural, and with the right tests and thorough discussions about what my overall well-being (diet, exercise, stressors, past medical history, etc...) we could work together to formulate a health plan to help me feel comfortable in my own skin again.  With Dr. Meg you take an active role in your well being and she encourages you along the way as you make changes and try new ways of doing things.  Within a few months I noticed a change for the good in my well being; I no longer felt exhausted all the time, a decrease in anxiety, better sleep, less mood swings, and minimal bloating--a huge problem before I started seeing her.  With Dr. Meg's help I now know what foods to incorporate in my diet daily to keep my body operating at its best, the right supplements to take for my body, and the knowledge that the needs of my body are unique to me and personalized care does make better sense than cookie cutter treatment of ailments.

-Krista G

I am so thankful that a friend referred me to Dr. Mill! I'm in my late 40's and have known for a while that I wasn't feeling as well as I should be. Chronic stress and medical issues that weren't being treated by my regular doctors were causing issues with my body and well-being. Dr. Mill was patient and listened to everything I had to say. She chose tests that would help to deduce why I was feeling the way I was. She didn't dismiss anything that I told her and asked about all aspects of my life. That is the beauty of functional medicine - they look at everything that makes up your life and do their best to find the root cause of your symptoms. Functional medicine actually treats the cause in order to alleviate the issues. Not like traditional medicine that tends to simply treat the symptoms without bothering to find the cause. By following Dr. Mill's recommendations I have regained energy that I thought was gone forever. My digestive issues are lifting and I have hope for my future again. I can't recommend her enough!

- Hillary E

No words can properly express the immense gratitude that I have for Dr. Meg. This past year has been one of the absolute hardest for my health; every day was a matter of survival, mustering up the energy for a 10-12 hour work day and praying that this creeping headache wouldn't turn into yet another full-blown migraine that was going to put me out for the rest of the workday and night. I have dealt with headaches and migraines for all of my adult life. This past year, my migraines were becoming a weekly occurrence; headaches turning into migraines from the smallest of things (smells, lack of sleep, neck pain, food that I ate, stress, and more). The ONLY thing that ever provided ANY bit of relief, was a hefty dose of tylenol paired with aspirin and sleep. And relief would only come until the next morning, so that meant any potential plans I had for that day/evening were made. 


When I started working with Dr. Meg, I was getting migraines 2-3x per week. After implementing the supplement protocol she advised for me, my headaches started dissipating.


What this means for me and my quality of life is more than I could ever put into words. 


THANK YOU Dr. Meg for everything you have done to invest your time + energy into me and your pure dedication to my healing. I thank God for you everyday.

-Lauren W

Headaches have been something that have been plaguing me the last few years. At first I thought it was being a new mom, then I thought it was adjusting to life as a mom [no sleep, lots of to-dos, never sitting down], then I thought it was being a mom of multiple kids. Without knowing any difference, I listened to the way of the world: drink more coffee, learn to live without sleep, and keep burning the candle at both ends. What un-sound advice!! Feeling like I was just doomed to pop advil every few days and living on the hope of maybe being free of headaches when I was an empty nester, I wrote off a headache free life. Then, listening to a podcast one day, Dr. Meg Mill was a guest talking about headaches. We started working together almost immediately after I heard her say the words "headaches aren't a normal part of life". And you know what, she showed me how true that could be! Working together now for 5 months, Dr. Meg Mill has allowed me to understand how MY body reacts to certain foods, certain patterns of sleep, certain gut deficences I hadn't even known about, and certain immune system responses, all that were triggering my headaches. Being headache free has been a huge rest for my brain and has really opened my eyes to understanding that we are all created differently, and a functional medicine doctor can help us unlock those doors. By taking out avocados, citrus, and gluten, and bumping up certain vitamins and gut boosters, headaches aren't in my daily vocabulary anymore!! Dr. Meg has blown me away and turned my life from accepting, to taking action! 

-Stephanie Conner

Having experienced concerns with my gut health, what attracted me to Dr. Mill was also her experience in headache management.


I was experiencing sharp headaches on a daily basis that had just become a normal part of my life. I shared my experience with headaches with Dr. Mill without expecting a true resolve. I had exhausted medications dealing with headaches and just accepted that maybe this was normal.


Dr. Mill prescribed two supplements for headaches during our first meeting and I IMMEDIATELY felt a decrease in headaches that eventually led to no headaches at all. Having a headache daily truly affects your quality of life, and thanks to Dr. Mill I am so glad to have my life back!

-Tisia S

"I started seeing Dr. Mill and discussed how I suffered from headaches weekly for as long as I could remember. I thought it was just a normal part of me and thought nothing of taking an ibuprofen to get rid of the pain. She put me on a specific supplement regimen, along with the other things we were working on. I started seeing immediate results and currently haven’t had a headache since. I finally realize that I can live headache free without putting harmful medications into my body so often! I can’t thank Dr. Mill enough!"

-Leann S

"I started seeing Dr. Mill and discussed how I suffered from headaches weekly for as long as I could remember. I thought it was just a normal part of me and thought nothing of taking an ibuprofen to get rid of the pain. She put me on a specific supplement regimen, along with the other things we were working on. I started seeing immediate results and currently haven’t had a headache since. I finally realize that I can live headache free without putting harmful medications into my body so often! I can’t thank Dr. Mill enough!"

-Leann S

I am so grateful for Meg’s expertise! Since working with Meg, my headaches/migraines have subsided. Now that I feel well, it has been eye-opening to realize how debilitating they really were. I feel empowered to know I can resolve my headaches naturally. Thanks Dr. Meg!

-Stephanie S

I went to Dr. Meg because I had suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember.  They were affecting my job, relationships and overall happiness because I never knew when I would be struck by one.  Through working with Meg, I was finally able to live without migraines for the first time I can remember.  Because I was not always living in pain or fear of pain I was finally about to get my life back.  I am so grateful!

- McKenzie M

"I contacted Dr. Meg after some elevated findings on a blood test and with very favorable testimonials from some family members she had helped. I really appreciate her ability to coordinate a holistic approach with standard medicine. I was also looking for better supplements, and I thoroughly trust her judgment, as a Pharm D, to help in that area. My elevated areas have resolved, I am on a much better diet, and she has helped with my allergies and chemical sensitivity issues. I'm now armed with much better information to continue improving my life. Thanks, Dr. Meg"

-Jack N

I’ve been working with Meg Mill to determine the source of and a cure for my headaches. Through the process a number of unrelated health issues occurred and Meg was steadfast supporting and assisting me. Her knowledge of the pharmaceutical options and side effects was invaluable. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, personable, and kind.   She is also very responsive to questions with insights that never occurred to me to try or check.

-Barb H

I was so grateful to find Dr. Mill after hearing her talk about headaches on a podcast. Having used telehealth in the past, it was simple to communicate with her using Zoom. I very much appreciate her “Test don’t guess” approach. I was even able to do hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, and gut health/stool testing all from home! From working with her I am grateful to say that I no longer wake up in the morning wondering if today is going to be a headache day! I now have more energy because she figured out I have low cortisol/adrenal hormones and we made some adjustments to my daily supplements and habits. I am back to feeling more like myself! What a blessing! She has had a profound and positive influence on my wellness and I will continue to work with her as my Functional doctor.

-Christina J

It’s been a pleasure working with Dr. Mill.  She takes the time to explain the reason for any supplements that she recommends, something that several of my neurologists have NEVER done.   I’m a person that wants to know why and how things work, and I never had to ask Dr. Mill those questions, she explained everything in detail from the start.  My chronic daily headaches and migraines are now under control which I’m so thankful for.  And beyond that, if I have a question Dr. Mill always takes the time to email me back.  I highly recommend working with her. 

-Tracy C

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