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How to Eat Clean Despite a Busy Schedule

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Being the successful woman that you’ve worked hard to become is an accomplishment. However, staying at the top can also mean dealing with a packed schedule, and difficulty managing your health and wellness. Thankfully, maintaining your health despite a hectic work schedule is still possible, as long as you start with the basics: your diet. Many successful women with busy schedules emphasize the need to eat clean. It's easy to do, and consequently helps lighten your everyday load. See award-winning actress Anne Hathaway’s healthy habits, which include supplementing her exercise with a vegetarian menu and other healthy meals. World-class athletes do the same with their own diets. Vanessa Ruosso is a star poker player who helped increase the popularity of poker in the United States, before retiring to pursue a career as a DJ. As she finds herself traveling all over the country, with irregular schedules, Ruosso still makes sure to stick to her routine of eating a healthy breakfast — complete with fresh fruit juice, scrambled eggs for protein, and a whole-wheat bagel to get her fill of vitamins for the day. You can also hold yourself accountable by eating healthy as well! And here are our tips for women who have a very tough work schedule.

Maximize your meals Like Hathaway’s vegetables and Ruosso’s fruit juices, the key is not to binge eat, but to selectively plan your diet around the most nutritious options. Greatist provides a 1-day menu idea that works for a busy schedule. This includes a smoothie that is great on the go and can be packed with spinach and even protein powder. Snacking can be healthy too, such as fresh pears alongside a dollop of ricotta or carrot sticks with a hummus dip. Even dessert can have a touch of nutrition with chocolate and chia pudding! They take hardly any time to prepare, and could even save you more on expenses compared to ordering take out.

Take advantage of healthy food deliveries However, if the few seconds to order take out is the only time you can allot to food prep, then make the most out of this too! Resist the temptation to order fast food and choose restaurants that openly promote delicious and clean food. Apps like Market 2day work as well. Which connect you directly with the farmer's markets like the farmer's markets in Metro Boston. They deliver to women looking to eat healthy with busy schedules. You can find services like these all over the US. Alternatives in other states like WhatsGood or GrownBy can also help you focus on nutrition without giving up your time.

Focus on your gut

Gut health is oftentimes the cause — and solution — to a lot of ailments in the body. Many know this, and thus may choose to make the time for restoring gut dysbiosis through diet or detox. What you may not know, however, is that by prioritizing your gut health, you can actually hit two birds with one stone.

As I’ve discussed previously on Clean Eating for Gut Health, this is because clean eating is all about building up the levels of bacteria in your gut so that it can continue functioning as intended. It then goes around a cycle. Focusing on your gut reduces gut inflammation, which allows for the optimal absorption of nutrients. This makes clean eating go much smoother and easier.

Making small adjustments in your schedule and diet can have a huge difference, especially for professionals with a lot on their plates! Fortunately, with the right food choices success, health, and fitness will all be within reach for hardworking women.

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