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In this episode, I talk with Dr. Trevor Cates all about how to have beautiful skin.  Did you know there is a connection between your gut and your skin and that adult acne can be traced back to our gut health? Dr. Cates and I discuss how your gut, your hormones, and your environment all affect the health of your skin.


As the holiday fun approaches, we often find ourselves off schedule, overindulging, and run down. However, with the right strategies, you can stay healthy and celebrate the holidays without feeling deprived. 


According to the National Institute of Health, portion sizes in America's restaurants have doubled or tripled over the past 20 years. This is really alarming statistically, because it is contributing to the increased rates of obesity among adults and children in America.  With all the supersized meals we have, most Americans are having a hard time recognizing portion and serving sizes. 


In this episode, I talk with Celebrity Chef James Barry all about how to make food delicious, nutritious and simple. James believes that organ meats are a great way to help people to get the nutrients they need. He considers animal organs some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. 


This episode is for you if you are ready for a mindset and lifestyle change. Emily Hayden, founder of Evolve X explains what it really means to evolve and how evolving is a way of life. 


This episode is for you if you are ready to detox your body and remove toxins and heavy metals from your life. Heavy metals and toxins can contribute to headaches, migraines, fatigue and energy levels, and so much more. It’s important to recognize where the toxins are coming from and how to detoxify yourself. Let’s live a detox lifestyle! 


How To Have a Healthy Relationship With Sugar with Marnie Marmet & Stephanie Potter

This episode is for you if you are trying to create a healthy relationship with sugar. In this episode, Marnie, Stephanie, and I dive into how sugar affects the body and tips to curb cravings. We talk through simple tips to curve sugar cravings and how sugar addiction is REAL. Let’s get mindful and create healthy relationships with food! 


This episode is for you if you are trying to be just A Little Bit Healthier. In this episode, I address important foundational tips for everyone can do for good health. We talk through important tips, like hydrating and sleeping, that you can do daily to improve your health. There are simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. Let’s start improving your health together! 


This episode is for you if you are trying to burn fat and choose the right “diet.” In this episode, Jenn Trepeck dives into the idea of whether we are burning fat or storing fat as a function of our blood sugar. We talk through how to get started burning for fuel and how willpower is like a refillable cup. Start every day with a positive mindset and fill your cup! 


This episode is for you if you struggle with certain foods, experience bloating, or hormonal imbalances. You may be experiencing a gallbladder issue! In this episode, I talk through bile, what it is and the importance of its role. The gallbladder is connected to your overall gut and hormone health and losing weight. 


 Priortize Yourself
with Rebecca Cafiero 


This episode is for you if you are working towards sobriety, love, hope and healing. In this episode, Rebecca Weller walks us through how we can fully explore our deepest aspirations, wellbeing, and potential; all while ditching the drinking. 


Digestion Begins In Your Mouthwith Rebecca Cafiero


In this episode, I discuss the many components of healthy digestion. I talk through simple things you can do each time you eat to improve your gut health. It's important to know that we are not just what we eat. We need to be able to digest and absorb our food so it can get into the cell membrane to be used for energy. 


This episode is for you if you struggle with brain health or want to keep your brain functioning correctly. In this episode, Leslie Bumpas discusses top foods and lifestyle habits to keep your brain performing optimally. It’s important to note that women are more susceptible to dementia than men. Let’s keep the dementia away! 


In this episode, we talk about intestinal parasite infections. We discuss how you can get parasites and what happens to your body during that process. It’s important to recognize the risk of these tiny organisms, how common parasites are, and the steps to prevent them. 


This episode is for you if you are on a mission to change your mindset. In this episode, Julie Ciardi talks through what mindset really is and how to make massive changes in your life. Tap into your mind and start planning future memories. 


How Your Tribe Affects Your Health


In this episode, we talk about how your tribe and living environment play a HUGE role in achieving your health goals.  We discuss things that may be holding you back and ways you can turn them around.


Simple Strategies to Optimize Adrenal and Thyroid Health Through Nutrition and Lifestyle with Samantha Gladish


This episode is for you if you struggle with fatigue and burnout and want to balance your hormones. In this episode, Samantha Gladish identifies simple strategies to optimize both through nutrition and lifestyle. We dive into how the hormones are connected and what is really happening when you experience adrenal fatigue. It’s so important to prioritize yourself, emphasize down-time, and manage stress. Learn how stress is the foundation of thyroid, adrenal fatigue, and overall hormonal balance.   


This episode is for you if you are working towards smarter choices when it comes to food. In this episode, we talk through food labels and what each section means. It's important to realize all the nutrient amounts shown on the label, especially when planning your health goals. 


This episode is for you if you are looking to understand how your genes are playing a role in the way you metabolize food and medications. In this episode, Dr. Ani Rostomyan defines Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics and how to include them in your life. We dive into gene testing and why it is so important. Not all fads and trends will work for everyone. It is crucial to have a personalized plan for YOU. 


This episode is for you if you struggle with acne or skin problems. Are you beyond your teenage years and still experiencing breakouts? There are likely underlying causes of your acne. In this episode, I dive into how to find the root cause of your acne, and how acne is about more than just your skin.  Hormones, gut health and diet all play a role. Our skin is often reflecting what is going on the  inside so let's dive in!


This episode is for you if you want to sleep BETTER! Sleep is so much more important for our overall health than most of us realize. In this episode, Dr. Sarah Mitchell will explain her journey in becoming a sleep consultant. We dive into the importance of sleep and how it affects daily health. For struggling Moms, Dr. Sarah shares tips for helping babies and toddlers sleep through the night. 


This episode is for you if you have gone through, will go through, or are currently going through perimenopause. I dive into hormonal changes and how to navigate this time in your life. Every body reacts to perimenopause differently, but you CAN go through this shift in your life gracefully.


This episode is for you if you want to learn more about hormones. In this episode, we will talk to Megan Bliss, Nurse Practitioner, all about men's hormones. There is a high emphasis on women’s hormones. But guess what, men have hormones too! We will talk through the dramatic difference in the way we feel when our hormones are balanced and explore how men’s hormones also change through life. 


This episode is for you if you struggle with headaches or migraines. I dive into my passion and give you  simple steps I have used to help hundreds of people overcome their headaches and migraines.  You do not have to just live with headaches or migraines. I will focus on everyday things that you can do to eliminate them from your life. 


This episode is for you if you are struggling with or on your journey to improving your mental health. Dr. Nicole Cain defines homeopathy and its purpose. We talk about anxiety and stress and how to overcome them.


This episode is for you if you are trying to lose weight but can not figure out why you can not lose those extra pounds. If you have metabolic syndrome or if you just want to understand how glucose and insulin work in your body.


This episode is for you if you are starting your healthy journey, need a boost to keep going or a mindset change! Micah Folsom dives into how to eat to feel your best, mentally and physically. We also talk through the benefits of exercising every day and how to fit in a 20-minute workout. 


This episode is for you if you feel stress, which is everyone at one time or another.  Stress is a part of life, but we have the power to control our body’s impact. Learn what causes your body’s stress response and what you can do to reduce stress on the body. 


The Perfect Skincare Routine with Dr. Nikoleta Brankov


This episode is for you if you are looking to start or revamp your skincare routine. Dr. Nikoleta Brankov walks us through a 5-Step Skin Success Framework, with a morning and evening regimen for beautiful skin. We talk through recommended products for all skin types and the importance of double-cleansing. 


This episode is for you if you are curious about how your body reacts to your food. We will dive into the differences between food allergies and food sensitivities, plus why you are reacting to certain foods and how to clear the sensitivities.


Priortize Yourself
with Rebecca Cafiero

This episode is for you if you are looking to establish an impactful morning routine to set yourself up for more vibrance and productivity, how to build your muscle memory for healthier habits, and planning out your wellness routine so it becomes second nature.  


My Story

After almost two decades of practicing in conventional medicine I decided to follow my heart and make a life changing shift to Functional Medicine. 

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