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What People are Saying

"I used to suffer from chronic migraines for years and in the past few years, they had become unbearable and were affecting my daily life. I had reached out to Dr. Meg Mill hoping to get some relief. By working with Dr. Meg, I have been able to find relief through natural supplements and have been able to stop taking prescription medication for migraines. Dr. Meg has also been able to educate me on certain foods and environmental factors that could trigger migraines. I am so grateful for her help and knowledge that I am able to live my life without fear of when I will have my next migraine."

-Heather S

" I used to suffer from headaches on a weekly basis. Sometimes they would last for days at a time. I always assumed it was neck and muscle-related, however; it seemed like nothing I tried would prevent them from happening. Since working with Dr. Meg I can now honestly say that I am no longer suffering from the constant headaches as I had been before. I’ve had a huge improvement and couldn’t be happier with it!"
-Danielle C

"I reached out to Dr. Meg after being told that my issues with sleep, fatigue and depression were normal based on being "a busy working Mom" and to "just try a different pill."  At this point, they were trying their fourth different "pill" for my issues. I am also a pharmacist and I knew something was going on with my body, and that I needed more than just a different medication. Functional Medicine providers like Dr. Meg took more than the 15 minute appointment and looked at the big picture of my lifestyle--my work schedule, diet, hormones, daily stressors and came up with a comprehensive, individualized plan.  This type of practice helped me have more energy during the day, get a better night's sleep, and learn what my body needed. I am grateful for Dr. Meg's time, knowledge, and compassion as a practitioner and the care I have received as her patient."
-Emily M

"I contacted Dr. Meg after some elevated findings on a blood test and with very favorable testimonials from some family members she had helped. I really appreciate her ability to coordinate a holistic approach with standard medicine. I was also looking for better supplements, and I thoroughly trust her judgment, as a Pharm D, to help in that area. My elevated areas have resolved, I am on a much better diet, and she has helped with my allergies and chemical sensitivity issues. I'm now armed with much better information to continue improving my life. Thanks, Dr. Meg"

-Jack N

"I started seeing Dr. Mill and discussed how I suffered from headaches weekly for as long as I could remember. I thought it was just a normal part of me and thought nothing of taking ibuprofen to get rid of the pain. She put me on a specific supplement regimen, along with the other things we were working on. I started seeing immediate results and currently haven’t had a headache since. I finally realize that I can live headache-free without putting harmful medications into my body so often! I can’t thank Dr. Mill enough!" 

-Leann S

I had no idea what Functional Medicine was until April of 2021 when I read the book Ancient Remedies by  Dr. Josh Axe.  When I started feeling uncomfortable in my body even when I was eating healthy, exercising regularly, practicing mindfulness, and cultivating my faith, I started suspecting that perhaps my hormones were starting to change due to my age and stage of life.  Because of my recent reading about the practice of functional medicine and agreeing with the concepts I was learning about through other sources, I decided to seek some assistance via that route first.  I was so surprised that Dr. Meg was practicing right in my own backyard--literally a few blocks up from my house!  Upon our first phone call, I felt confident that Dr. Meg could help me figure out what was going on with my body and help me comfortably enter this new stage of life in my changing body.  She assured me what I was going through was natural and with the right tests and thorough discussions about what my overall well-being (diet, exercise, stressors, past medical history, etc...) we could work together to formulate a health plan to help me feel comfortable in my own skin again.  With Dr. Meg takes an active role in your well-being and she encourages you along the way as you make changes and try new ways of doing things.  Within a few months, I noticed a change for the good in my well-being; I no longer felt exhausted all the time, a decrease in anxiety, better sleep, less mood swings, and minimal bloating--a huge problem before I started seeing her.  With Dr. Meg's help, I now know what foods to incorporate into my diet daily to keep my body operating at its best, the right supplements to take for my body, and the knowledge that the needs of my body are unique to me and personalized care does make better sense than cookie-cutter treatment of ailments.
-Krista Grattan

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