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Functional Medicine Consulting

When we work together you will enter a health partnership and receive the level of care that you’ve always dreamed of. It is time to finally break free from your symptoms and start THRIVING again! I will be with you every step of the way to help you sleep better, have more energy, heal your gut, balance your hormones and look, feel and perform your best.

1:1 Virtual Health Consulting

Chronic illness is often an outcome of imbalances in the key physiological systems in your body.  Using the latest advancements in diagnostic testing, I am able to uncover underlying dysfunctions that are often overlooked factors but can have a dramatic impact on your health. I will then customize a clinical functional medicine program, meeting your specific needs to naturally restore your health.

We will be able to increase energy, reduce weight, calm pain and inflammation, heal your gut, rebalance hormones, end headaches and migraines, lift brain fog, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and more. This call can be done in a safe and natural way.  


Schedule a free consultation to see if this is right for you.  


Customized Health Plans


Once we discover your imbalances, we will then customize a clinical functional medicine plan tailored to your individual needs.  

This includes but is not limited to individualized health and supplement plans, detox protocols, stress management, nutrient and fitness guidance.

Head Strong: 
Happiness Beyond Headaches



A 10-week LIVE online program to end headaches & migraines, restore mental clarity and reclaim energy without drugs or injections so that the Real YOU can shine through. 

HypnoBreathwork® is a cutting-edge method using breathwork to clear energetic patterns, hypnosis to reprogram subconscious beliefs, and visioning to fire new neural pathways for sustainable behavior change. This unique formula accelerates trance-induced states to heal unprocessed emotions from the root and take intuitive action to create the life you want.

Breathwork + Hypnosis + Visioning

Specialized Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Test Don't Guess!

We will complete specialized Functional Medicine Lab tests to discover your body's unique imbalances and help restore your health and quality of life. We use the latest advancements in diagnostic testing to uncover your body's underlying dysfunctions.​​​​ We are able to discover often-overlooked factors that have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing.

The lab test includes micronutrients, food sensitivity, mold chemical sensitivities, gut/stool, heavy metals, cortisol, sex hormones, and more. 

Live Group Programs


We will be opening the program for motivated women who no longer accept being told they are "fine" and want to reclaim their energy, end stubborn weight gain, beat brain fog, and feel vibrant, alive, and in love with their body.  

It is a unique program that combines a private appointment and personalized recommendations with the support of a caring community. You will be educated and empowered to optimize your hormones at any age to live your best life.

Happy Hormones
Healthy YOU

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